About Us

Tom Hirons of Hedgespoken

Tom Hirons is a poet, storyteller and wilderness rites of passage guide. His work has appeared in Dark Mountain (book 2), the Earth First! Journal, EarthLines magazine and in various collaborative works. Tom has been involved in spoken-word poetry and storytelling for over 15 years, and has been writing for far longer.

Tom has a website at www.tomhirons.com

Rima Staines is an artist using paint, wood, word, music, animation, clock-making, puppetry and story to attempt to build a gate through the hedge that grows along the boundary between this world and that. Her gate-building has been a lifelong pursuit, and she hopes to have perhaps propped aside even one spiked loop of bramble (leaving a chink just big enough for a mud-kneeling, trusting eye to glimpse the beauty there beyond), before she goes through herself.

Rima's artwork has appeared in and on books, magazines, and record covers on both sides of the Atlantic. She maintains a passionately-followed blog at intothehermitage.blogspot.com and has sold paintings and prints of her work (as well as the clocks she makes) in her travels the length and breadth of Britain. Her work hangs on walls in six of the seven continents.

...the best illustrator of the realm of faërie, oak-smoked,sad-strung but vital, that I have ever seen - Jay Griffiths in KITH.

Rima's website is at www.rimastaines.com

Together, Tom and Rima have told stories from the depths of the Devon moors to the west coast of the Isle of Lewis. They live on Dartmoor with their young son where they have converted a 1960's Bedford RL lorry into Hedgespoken, a travelling off-grid storytelling and theatre project, which is also their home. Hedgespoken Press is the printed-word arm of Hedgespoken. See the Hedgespoken website for the story so far... This is the video they put together for their fundraising efforts in 2014:
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