Storytelling and poetry workshops and courses

Storytelling and poetry workshops and courses

Hedgespoken is delighted to bring you a series of workshops and a longer storytelling course, all online, to hone your skills as a storyteller, whether you’re just beginning or have already trodden some miles in the peculiar boots of a tale-teller. 

We are offering are a number of FREE places on each of these workshops and courses. Priority will be given to those from travelling cultures, and to refugees and migrants, but we don't wish to exclude anyone on the basis of cost, so please email us if you’d like to apply for one of these places.

Attendance on any of these workshops or courses also gives you access to the Threadweavers and Hedgespeakers online forum, where we host storytelling evenings and share resources exclusively for forum members.

Also, see the newly-added pay-what-you-can Ropes of Flint and Stars online poetry workshop.

Full details of all the workshops and courses are on the individual pages, so click through to find out more. We hope that we’ll see you through the peculiar lens of the Zoom-screen (or a Discord screen) soon, and somewhere in a field before too long, too!

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