The Feral Angels’ Poetry Café sessions

The Feral Angels’ Poetry Café sessions

These group sessions with Tom Hirons now run fortnightly on Zoom, on a pay-what-you-can basis. Over two hours, we'll explore some of the territory of writing poetry, in both practical and more subtle terms. There are usually about 30 of us on each call.

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The arts and crafts of poetry are not the stuff of workshops, when all is said and done. Though we can learn plenty from those who have surveyed the territory ahead of us, in the end we have to explore it for ourselves. Our way, our language, our angle of approach towards the truth-telling, the dance we make with words - these things are our own. If you are allied to a compulsion to shape words as an offering to the greater life, then this might be a place for you. I can't promise that we will learn to craft sonnets or villanelles, but with a touch of grace, we might learn to speak more clearly, and with more power, those things that are waiting to be spoken. This is the way of the Feral Angels of Poetry. We stand in the fire, and in the water, and we speak. With luck, and the ways we have found, our words fly true and the strands of the hidden web begin to sing.

In each session, there will be some exercises, some poetry, some conversation, some silence and hopefully some encounters with new ways of approaching what this whole poetry thing actually is.

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The Feral Angels’ Poetry Café - December 2021 - session 3A
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A place on this, the first of December's monthly two-hour poetry café/conversations. This one is at 8.30pm GMT Sunday 12th December. Booking a place will...