Twilight by Jay Griffiths
Twilight by Jay Griffiths
Twilight by Jay Griffiths
Twilight by Jay Griffiths
Twilight by Jay Griffiths
Twilight by Jay Griffiths
Twilight by Jay Griffiths

Twilight by Jay Griffiths

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“The sky holds a little last handful of light cupped in its west left hand. It is a west-side story. Twilight is the between-light, after sunset and before night when the sun’s light is still present in the sky even after the sun is gone. Twilight is an enigmatic reflection, that other word for thinking.

“Something is in the air, electric and inter-intelligent, in this hour of ambiguity, of paradox, opaquely suggestive. As the reflection of psyche and light are both elliptical, certainty is bewildered, it is a moment when mind is half open to night and star-guided. Only one hour in twelve is a twilight hour, dusk or dawn, and twilight is the trickster in the pack of hours”

TWILIGHT is a praise-piece to the qualities of the two-light, the trickster hour, to the qualities of the dusk, in which so much that seems certain during the day becomes less distinct and fixed. It is also a piece in praise of the creatures of those hours and the way of thinking and being that is possible when the boundaries of this and that fade into the waking edge of night.

Jay Griffiths is an award-winning writer influenced by indigenous cultures. She has written on the politics of time (Pip Pip); the importance of wildness (Wild); the natural world in childhood (Kith) and manic depression (Tristimania). Her novel, A Love Letter from a Stray Moon, is partly about Frida Kahlo.

TWILIGHT is part of the Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone series (see below for all the titles in the series) for Autumn 2018. The series is also available as a limited edition collectors' boxed set and a book-lovers' bundle of all seven books.

Note - where there is white on these cover previews, there will actually be SILVER ink.

TWILIGHT is lithograph-printed for high quality on 100% recycled paper (140gsm internal, 280gsm cover) using veg-based inks in England, by Calverts, a workers' co-op and is professionally perfectbound.

The book is A6 size (4.2″x5.9″) and has 36 inner pages. This is the first printing. Publication date 31.10.18

ISBN: 978-1-9993065-0-2

Non-fiction; essay

Jay Griffiths


This series of pocket-sized books is new for Autumn 2018 and is an audacious step forward for Hedgespoken Press. Seven extraordinary authors, seven beautiful books. Seven ways to approach the unapproachable and speak about the unspeakable. See the SEVEN DOORS homepage for more information about the series.

The titles in the series are:

TWILIGHT – Jay Griffiths
BLACK HAT – Tom Hirons
WHEN I WAS FURTHEST FROM WATER – Joanna Hruby (with photography by Michaela Meadow)
BULL · POPPY · STAR – Sylvia V. Linsteadt

The seven titles are available singly (click on the titles) and as a collectors’ limited edition boxed set as well as a book-lovers’ bundle of all seven books. We hope you love them as much as we do.