Four pocketbooks by Tom Hirons

Pocket-sized books by Tom Hirons

Here you'll find the pocket-sized A6 books by Tom Hirons, including:

  • Sometimes a Wild God
    Tom's poem with illustrations by Rima Staines, in a back-pocket size.
  • Nettle-Eater
    Tom's piece of wild moorland prose fiction, in which our protagonist lives for a year in the wilds of Dartmoor, subsisting only on nettles...
  • Falconer's Joy
    Five poems by Tom:
    • The Lapwing Stars
    • The Worship of Place
    • Merrivale
    • Falconer's Joy
    • The Dead Fathers
  • Black Hat
    New for late-autumn 2018, Tom's short-fiction contribution to the Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone series. A tale of mystery, alchemical union, white dogs and a black hat.