Jay Griffiths

Jay Griffiths

“Jay Griffiths is a fearless adventurer with words and images. Her work isn’t just good – it’s necessary.” - Phillip Pullman

“If bravery itself could write it would write like she does.” - John Berger

Award-winning author of more than six critically acclaimed books and fierce advocate of nature’s remaining wild places, Jay Griffiths has written for The Guardian, Orion Magazine, The Idler, and more.

Many readers will have first encountered her via Wild: An Elemental Journey, which was the winner of the inaugural Orion Book Award and was shortlisted for the Orwell prize and for the World Book Day award. Jay lives in mid-Wales.

We‘re delighted and honoured to have some of Jay’s work here at Hedgespoken Press. If you like what she writes half as much as we do, you should have a look at her website and support her Patreon.

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Twilight by Jay Griffiths
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“The sky holds a little last handful of light cupped in its west left hand. It is a west-side story....
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Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone (bundle of seven books)
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Seven extraordinary authors; seven beautiful books. Seven ways to approach the unapproachable; and seven keys to living within the mystery...
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