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Sometimes a Wild God
£10.00 GBP
Sometimes a wild god comes to the table.He is awkward and does not know the ways Of porcelain, of fork...
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Sometimes a Wild God - A3 poster
£15.00 GBP
The poem Sometimes A Wild God as an A3 poster with the full poem text by Tom Hirons, with three illustrations...
£10.00 GBP
You were never more lost than you are now, if you cannot reach out, touch the wild earth and weep......
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Tom Hirons book collection bundle
£40.00 GBP
Get all four of Tom Hirons' pocket-sized books for Hedgespoken Press so far and save 25%:- Sometimes a Wild God...
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The Firebird - full-colour book
Sold Out
In a certain kingdom, where the mulberries grow as big as apples and the apricots are sweeter than honey, there...
£10.00 GBP
"LISTEN TO ME. I wasn’t born for birthday parties and clean handkerchiefs or scented candles in the bath. I didn’t...
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