Sometimes a Wild God
Already a phenomenon, this poem is now available as a pocket-sized book with illustrations by Rima Staines

Sometimes a Wild God by Tom Hirons

Illustrated by Rima Staines

Written with the incantatory power of an old hymn, and the urgency of a world on its side, Tom Hirons’ much-loved poem Sometimes A Wild God is a wake-up call for these troubled times. With an animal magic reminiscent of the work of Ted Hughes and Gary Snyder, and something of T.S. Eliot’s Wasteland about the edges, Sometimes a Wild God is a haunting, heart-breaking, and deeply beautiful tribute to the wildness that lives in us and the journey we each might take to re-find it.

With exquisite illustrations by Rima Staines, this edition of the poem from Hedgespoken Press is beautifully lithograph-printed on 100% recycled paper in England, by Calverts, a workers’ co-op. With getting on for 4,000 copies sold worldwide since its publication as a book in 2015, Sometimes A Wild God has been shared like wildfire across the internet since it first appeared in 2012, and embraced by celebrants and apprentices of the inner and outer Wild across the world.




Lithograph-printed on 100% recycled stock (140gsm internal, 280gsm Kraft cover) in England.

Dimensions: 4.2″x5.9″ 32pp, with 6 internal black-and-white illustrations.

Third printing.

ISBN: 978-0-9933656-0-7