Rima and Sylvia with the Hedgespoken wagon at Base Camp, Embercombe, 2016, preparing to present an excerpt of Tatterdemalion

We are the printed-works arm of Hedgespoken, the travelling storytelling theatre, and our work is similarly influenced by a love of folktale and a sense of wonder. We believe in the power of art and the written word, just as we believe in the power of old stories told by starlight and fire. We believe that all these things are important. Your support helps us create more of them all. 

All our works and more are available in the Hedgespoken Emporium along with works by friends of Hedgespoken Press such as Sylvia V. Linsteadt.

To find out more about Tom Hirons' work, please visit his website at www.tomhirons.com

Likewise, to find out more about Rima's work, please visit rimastaines.com

You can contact us using the links in the footer, below - if we're on the road, especially in the summertime, it may take a while to get back to you.