COMING AT THE END OF OCTOBER 2018! Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone
Seven books from seven extraordinary writers, exploring themes of myth and trickster, story and magic, initiation and becoming, and the dazzling natural world.
Falconer's Joy by Tom Hirons
New for September 2018 - this chapbook features five of Tom's poems: The Lapwing Stars, The Worship of Place, Merrivale, Falconer's Joy and The Dead Fathers
Sometimes a Wild God by Tom Hirons
A pocket-book of this much-loved poem, with black-and-white illustrations by Rima Staines
The Firebird, retold by Tom Hirons, illustrated by Rima Staines
In a certain kingdom, where the mulberries grow as big as apples and the apricots are sweeter than honey, there was once a great, broad-leafed forest. The forest covered the land as far as the keenest eye could see or the nimblest mind could imagine, and in that forest there lived a Hunter... The new illustrated wonder-tale book from Hedgespoken Press, available for pre-order now.
Living wild on Dartmoor, a man eats only nettles. His body disappears; he learns to fly. He encounters demigods and eloquent trees. He is Nettle-Eater, crooked, arrogant, reclaimed by the moor. This is his testament
Prints of Rima Staines' artwork
All of Rima's popular prints are represented for you to peruse and purchase

Welcome to Hedgespoken Press

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Hedgespoken Press publishes works of beauty, power and old magic in the form of the printed word and image.

We are the printed-works arm of Hedgespoken, the travelling storytelling theatre, and our work is similarly influenced by a love of folktale and a sense of wonder. We believe in the power of art and the written word, just as we believe in the power of old stories told by starlight and fire. We believe that all these things are important. Your support helps us create more of them all. Thank you for visiting today.


Current works include:

Falconer's Joy - five poems by Tom Hirons

Sometimes a Wild God - pocketbook

The Firebird

Rima's prints


Forthcoming works include:

The incredible collaborative project, Seven Doors in an Unyielding Stone, featuring books by JAY GRIFFITHS, MARTIN SHAW, TERRI WINDLING, SYLVIA V. LINSTEADT, RIMA STAINES, TOM HIRONS and JOANNA HRUBY (with photography by MICHAELA MEADOW)

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